More About Your Guide

Warren was born in Brisbane, Queensland and lived in Tasmania a short while before his family moved to the Northern Territory to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle offered by the tropics for ten years or so. Warren's family-life revolved around the outdoors and he could often be found 4WDriving and camping with the family throughout his youth. Moving back to Tasmania, Warren's first major investment was a 4WD of his own (a Nissan Patrol no less!) and he continued his childhood passion of 4WDriving and camping through the Tasmanian Wilderness.

Warren now calls Western Australia home and having lived in the region for the past fifteen years can be considered a true local. He is still thriving for that next adventure and enjoys seeing what the Australian bush has to offer and exploring new and exciting off-road tracks. Spending time in the outback and through many parts of the Australian wilderness, Warren has learned many aspects of bush survival and survival techniques and is happy to impart this knowledge on to others.

4WD Adventure touring is about the exploration of something new which cannot be observed or experienced without a 4WD. It's exciting; the scenic views witnessed are breathtaking. 4 Seasons Adventures Tours is your opportunity to experience memories that will last you a life time.

How 4 Seasons Adventure Tours Started

At 4 Seasons Adventure Tours we live for adventure, exploring and 4 wheel driving. Warren is an experienced 4 wheel drive enthusiast and has been exploring the Australian wilderness for as long as can be remembered. Warren's decision to establish 4 Seasons Adventure Tours enables him to share the Western Australian wilderness experience with people who love getting out there and seeing what this wonderful country experience has to offer just as much as he does.

Remember that we travel to places only accessible by 4 wheel drives.

Coming from an engineering background, Warren decided to break free from the mainstream lifestyle and share his passion and experience with others meaning you too can now get out there 4 wheel driving.

Mission Statement

We are 4 Seasons Adventure Tours and we are a dynamic focus that delivers on excitement and adventure through the comfort of experience. We offer four wheel drive (4x4) adventure tours operating through Western Australia's south west region and travel along roads where your common vehicle would find inaccessible. We promote safety for our guests, for our staff and for the environment whilst we endeavor to help preserve the conservation for our Western Australian flora and fauna. Maintain unsealed roads tracks so that they can be enjoyed by others for years to come and clean up after ourselves and make sure we leave on the exact way we found it or better.

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Your tour guide is an experienced off road 4WDrive enthusiast who comes equipped with an F class driving license and first aid certification. The vehicle is fitted with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) along with a Satellite Phone that has coverage anywhere in Australia. The Satellite Phone is also fitted with an Emergency SOS function that when activated will send a distress signal to the closed emergency extraction centre. The vehicle also comes equipped with UHF Radio, 12,000 Lb winch recovery, two spare tyres. The vehicle has also been certified under the Omnibus classification reregistered and licensed as a Safari Charter Vehicle.

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