4 Seasons Adventure Tours on Offer

Welcome to our new 4WD Tours page where you can cater your destination and location your way. This page will also show new trips and attractions that you can inquiry as well.

Tours that we offer: 


4WD Tours: Hop in one of our vehicles and enjoy the comfort of experience and let us take care of ever thing else. We will visit a number of great spots that you will love. Enjoy a lunch along a river bank or lake. Bring you camera because there will be lots to see.


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 4WD Night Tours: Ever driven through the bush during the night? Night tours are fun and full of excitement. You see more animal in their natural environment and there is a certain type of serenity that you would generally not experience anywhere else. Cap the night off with a BBQ.


Tag-Along Tours: Tag-along-tours are great way to enjoy a bit of 4WDriving in your own vehicle. These types of tours are a great idea if your new to 4WD’s and would like to get more experience on your own.

Camp Out Tours: Who wants to go camping? We love camping and we know that you would love camping with us. We can go to a number of locations which all offer a great experience. Camping tours cater for chauffer tours and tag-along. If you are being chauffer driven with us then just bring yourself and a bag of clothes and we will take care of the rest.


Tailor made Tours:  Your Way: Do you have a place that you would like to see or visit? Contact 4 Seasons Adventure Tours and we can tailor a trip that would best suit your interest. There are no limits to where you want to go and what you want to do.

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We aim to please at 4 Seasons Adventure Tours so we ask that you complete the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a confirmation of price for your desired tour.  To make your tour more enjoyable please provide as much information as possible so we can provide you with a more than perfect experience. If you have any special requests that you would like to include in your tour please let us know so we can be sure to include them.

    Please select the tour and the date you are interested in below

    Note: Some dates my not be available at the time of making your reservation. List your preferred dates and 4 Seasons Adventure Tours will confirm your date and booking reference number within the hour.


    If your requesting a Tag-Along-Tour then it is important that you fill out this section. All vehicles must be road registered and road worthy.

    Below will be a brief description about you and your vehicles capability so your guide or the vehicle lead will know the best suited track

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    Rate yourself between 1 being no experience and 5 having a lot of experience do you have with off-roading or 4WDriving

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    Terms and Conditions

    • 4 Seasons Adventure Tours will accept cancellation’s up to 48 hours before the booking date. A refund will be provided minus a $100.00 booking fee.
    • 4 Seasons Adventure Tours has no charge for changing the booking date as long as 48 hours prior notice is given.
    • 4 Seasons adventure tours reserve the right to cancel or move a booking in certain circumstances. For example, extreme weather conditions or mechanical failures.
    • All tour fees must be paid at the time of making the booking. Booking confirmation will not be sent until the payment has been received in full.
    • Any damage incurred to the vehicle or equipment caused through client negligence will incur and excess of $1500.00.
    • Smoking will not be permitted inside or around the vehicle.

    I have read and agree to the the above Terms and Conditions.

    Pick-up Locations

    Rockingham Visitor Center

    Freemantle Visitor Center


    Our Tours will take us off road and away from conventional roads; we will travel on rough and bouncy surfaces away from easy access to medical help. As we take your safety (and ours) very seriously, we strongly advise anyone who has difficulty walking or sitting for long periods of time or suffer from neck and back issues, are pregnant or have any other medical conditions or injuries; we strongly advise consultation with a medical professional prior to booking. please contact us to discuss your situation as some trips may be better suited to your needs then others

    Sections of certain tours could result in nervousness in some people. 4 Season Adventure Tours wishes to advise that your tour guide is very experienced in off road four wheel driving and will never at any stage put your life and health in danger or harm. As a passenger you have the right to discuss any concerns that you may have with your tour guide.

    4 Seasons Adventure Tours will supply all food and drinks; however a minimum 24 hours’ notice will be required if you have particular dietary requirements. Please list any allergies so we can cater to your needs if necessary.

    Due to limited space in the vehicle please only bring items of choice that you need. Do not bring suitcases or large baggage.

    It is important that you dress in comfortable clothing and wear closed in shoes. Also be aware that your clothing may become dirty through the course of the tour.

    Most of the tours will not have mobile (cell) phone coverage. It is advised that you notify people that you will be unavailable for contact during the course of the tour. There is a satellite phone on board the vehicle which is used for emergencies only.

    There are three (3) cameras onboard the vehicle that will be recording throughout the tour. One camera is situated outside the vehicle, a second dash camera records outside the vehicle and the third camera is situated inside the cab of the vehicle. This is an insurance requirement that cannot be altered. At the end of the tour each camera will be cleared of its contents unless there is an incident.

    The tour guide has a right to refuse any person that is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. There will be no refund if you are refused to attend the tour. There will also be no service of alcohol at any stage of the tour.

    Each person will be responsible for his or her own safety while out of the vehicle. You must listen and adhere to the rules and instructions of you tour guide at all times. Climbing of obstacles, trees and swimming will not be permitted.

    Under no circumstances shall any person destroy plants (flora) and harm wildlife (fauna).

    During the warmer months there are snakes. It is important to listen to your tour guide when exiting the vehicle. Your tour guide will inspect each area at every stopping location to make sure that it is safe.